What Our Readers Are Saying…



Anna Elizabeth, Alberta, Canada:

 It’s so great there’s now a Catholic fantasy/sci-fi magazine like this on the internet! Very professional-looking and informative, interesting articles. I think the editor, staff, and contributors are all doing such a great job on The Fellowship of the King.


 Anne Marie Gazzolo, USA:

 I enjoy The Fellowship of the King website because of its variety of viewpoints and subject matter. Being the Frodoholic that I am, it is nice to delve into work about him and Middle-earth. I also like the Celtic-themed and Eastern Catholic material. The Celtic essays may even help me with a future book of mine. Thanks for that and all else! 


Bethany Sheldahl, Kentucky, USA:

 My experience of life is that my faith in Christ and my love of fantasy literature are intertwined. I love The Fellowship of the King because the writing engages with my interests and favorite stories as well as my faith. The Catholic perspective is refreshing, as an Orthodox Christian I share a lot of core values. I appreciate having the opportunity to read, for instance, Narnia fan-fiction that doesn’t leave out the Christian meaning. 


Charles A. Coulombe, California, USA:

 We tend not to credit the Imagination with the importance it actually has. Two architectural students stare at a dilapidated public building: one sees a thing of beauty to be restored to its former glory, the other, the other a wreck to be cleared away with something new. It is essential for a Catholic to have a deep Sacramental life, a deep devotional life, and a knowledge of the Church’s social teachings. But to be effective in our everyday lives, these need to be threaded together and given life by baptising our imaginations. “Fellowship of the King” goes a long way toward that essential goal.


David Jack, Edinburgh, Scotland:

 An enjoyable group to be involved in. I’m more a browser than a contributor myself, but the enthusiasm for sci-fi and fantasy shown by the various fan-fic authors is obvious and infectious, and as an avid reader of Tolkien and Lewis myself, I’m always happy to support a community that shares my passion.


 Donna Ferguson Dudley, Tennessee, USA:

 I have found the on-line magazine, The Fellowship of the King, to be a very high-quality, informative magazine, with everything from historical explorations, to religious articles, to movie reviews, to original, delightful stories, to poetry! I think it has something to offer any audience, and is well worth the time to explore.


 Esther Patten, Suffolk, England:

 Beautifully crafted poems and tales that are both thought-provoking and insightful. The zeal with which they have been written clearly shows throughout every one of them. I would like to commend the brilliant authors who dedicate themselves so tirelessly in providing us with such lovely work. Keep up the good work, Folks! 


 James Michael Gill, Tennessee, USA:

 The Fellowship of The King is a magical world where adventures await. Artisans, storytellers, sages, and the occasional Elf battle real monster and celebrate victory in good cheer. It is a community of those who joyfully bathe in beauty and ache for the source of that beauty. Together we ride onto the battlefield, together we warm ourselves at the hearth, together we lift our drink, and raise our voice as sub-creators of this beauty until at last Beauty Himself dines at our table and we delight in the true Fellowship of The King. TFoTK community and magazine has been both a banner of encouragement and a canvas of opportunity for me as I journey through these lands. I hope it will offer you the same respite and inspiration. 


John Heldon, New Jersey, USA:

 The Fellowship of the King is an extraordinary blend of belief and imagination. Somewhere between them lies a creative power which is muse provoking. A good way for me to start a writing session is a site visit to find a few sparks from others to stoke my fire.


Jonathan Francesco, Pennsylvania, USA:

 It’s rare to find publications that seek for honest and authentic content while still being unmistakably Catholic-centric. The Fellowship of the King manages to achieve this difficult balance and gifts readers with a reading experience that is both engaging and rewarding, enthralling and spiritually refreshing. In an era where Catholics have increasingly ceded the arts to secular and non-Catholic parties, Fellowship strikes to reclaim Catholicism’s place as a prime source of thought provoking artistic expression.


Joseph R. Ravitts, Colorado, USA:

 I have been a Christian rock singer, and am now a novelist and poet. In forty-five years as a believer in Jesus, I have striven to gain attention for Christian creativity outside the church walls, and striven to encourage fellow believers to display creativity deserving of attention. The Fellowship of the King is a venue in which both of those objectives can be pursued.


Kai McWhirter, Birmingham, England:

 The Fellowship of the King is a community that offers a warm welcome to readers and writers alike. It offers an eclectic mix of reviews, essays, original fiction and poetry, all of a very high standard and all offering an intriguing glimpse into the perspectives of its contributors. Whether you’re drawn to its religious perspective or simply share a love for high fantasy fiction, the Fellowship will put a nice cup of your preferred hot beverage in your hand and make you feel right at home.


Kat Clements, Pennsylvania, USA: 

The Fellowship of the King is the fruit born from creative cooperation across many disciplines. The staff is very dedicated and work hard to present this magazine’s diverse fair of poems, short stories, longer narrative works, film reviews, historical and modern commentary, scholarly articles, and more for your viewing pleasure. The community of contributors, readers, and staff is both respectful and supportive. If you’re interested in media, especially science fiction and fantasy, with a spiritual flavor, you may enjoy the fare of this online Fellowship.


 Lorna C. Smithers, Lancashire, England:

I am a poet and awenydd based in north-west England, and I discovered this magazine through a series of poems from here shared onto The Druid Network’s Facebook Page. Exploring it further from there, I have found it to be a beautiful and inspirational site of faith and imagination. 


Mark Adderley, South Dakota, USA:

The Fellowship of the King is in the forefront of the Catholic Literary Revival. The future of Catholic Arts and Letters lies with these gifted authors. As the monks of the Dark Ages preserved classical culture in their monasteries, so the lay writers of the new Dark Ages will light the candle of culture in the new ideological dark ages that is growing around us.


Mary Martz, Pennsylvania, USA

 The Fellowship of the King is a wonderful, on-line, Catholic literary magazine. It has thought-provoking, inspiring articles, short stories, and poems. It holds true to Catholic teachings and is a great avenue for young, Catholic authors. I was so touched when my daughter’s story was published. She then gave the story to me for Mother’s Day! What an honor! Thank you very much for this delightful magazine! I highly recommend it!


Mercia van der Vyver, Eastern Cape, South Africa:

I love the articles in this magazine that make you think and debate and broaden perspectives. And I love the fantasy! As someone who once got called out by name from the pulpit for my staunch defense of Harry Potter, it is a balm to my soul to read treatise on C.S Lewis and J.R Tolkien. I love the poems, and the sheer creativity behind them. This magazine seems to be able to bring together all aspects of my spirituality, including that part of me that sees God in nature, in a way that is both uplifting and thought-provoking and that is something I never thought I’d find. Thank you for a great magazine!


Michael Goth, Illinois, USA

 I really like The Fellowship of the King. I think the writers and editors have created a wonderful sight that delves into the deeper spirituality in popular fiction. As a writer, an occurring theme through all my work is faith and spirituality. This is why I like this magazine so much.


 Mike Carroll, Lincolnshire, England:

The Fellowship of the King blog and on-line magazine is a breath of fresh air in the sea of generally two-dimensional Catholic media available on the internet. Drawing strongly on the writing heritage of Tolkien, founded by American former home school Catholics, and supported by even such notables as Peter Kreeft, it is a much welcomed addition to the Catholic mainstream media. I am particularly struck by the high quality editing and material in the TFoTK magazine. This is certainly a wonderful example of evangelisation through beauty, as it is also appreciated by many of those beyond our own Church walls.  


Oliver J. Olinger, Florida, USA:

The Fellowship of the King is a well-built, intelligent site in which one can find some of the last remaining vestiges of Scholasticism in contemporary times. The spirit of the Catholic Intellectual Renaissance is alive and well on this blog. I am honored to have been published on TFoTK


 Stuart S. Laing, Fife, Scotland:

What I have found so refreshing about TFoTK as a Scottish Presbyterian is how well it encourages the spirit of Christian fellowship. I grew up in a Scotland where Protestant and Catholic still viewed each other with suspicion until recent times. Now the churches work together to reach out the hand of friendship and faith to those who have yet to come to Christ’s love. TFoTK is doing the same thing. It offers that hand to steer people in the right direction but without being ‘preachy’ or hectoring. For that reason alone, although there are many others, it is to be recommended. 


Sunbow Pendragon, Washington, USA:

 I wanted to write a quick note to say how much I enjoy your publication! The stories are always enjoyable as well. I have read many of them, and it is wonderful to be exposed to new and upcoming authors. I also enjoyed the interview process with Rosaria Marie on the subject of my Arthurian fantasy series “The Black Knight of Avalon Chronicles”, and my readers found the printed article entertaining and insightful. In all, I would highly recommend both the site and the magazine to anyone interested in fine entertainment and intelligent writing. Love and Light!