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Give Me the Words: A Bardic Rhapsody of Winter Feasts

“Give me the words, let them form. The stories that course through my mind, weaving like star-light knotted into pitchers, pouring out the Milky Way across the onyx sky…”

Winter Solstice: The Year’s Compline

“The winter solstice is the year withdrawing…”

First Yule: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“Across the Sea, Elanor, Frodo-lad and the other Gamgee children smiled. They raised their mugs of nog to their parents and their Uncle Frodo and wished them a Happy Yule.”

Yule on the Quest: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“Joy bubbled up in Frodo as he traveled on. This was just like home! It was that real, even though many of the faces were different. The love he saw in those eyes and those smiles was the same.” (Rated: G)

Celtic Advent

“As the Holly King gives way to Oak King…come welcome the Child of Joy, bask in His Light.”

Yule Light: Frodo’s First Winter in the West

After Frodo journeys to the Undying Lands with Bilbo and Gandalf, he struggles to overcome loneliness and celebrate Yule during his first winter away from home.

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