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Wild One

“Wild One, I hear you growling in the night…”

Cutting My Hair

“My head and heart feel light and new, relieved of a burden unnoticed until its absence…”

An Absolution of Femininity: Debunking the Misleading Ideas about Women in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Works

While many modern commenters disparage Tolkien’s depiction of women, this article defends them as being well-rounded portrayals and an absolution of femininity.

The Traveler

“Clear vision to see where she has been, where she is now, and where she’s going to be…”

Egalitarian Gal: Feminism, Equality, and How We Treat Each Other

Rachel Lianna explores the important topics of feminism, egalitarianism, and how treating all people as Children of God is vital in achieving true equality in society.

Emer of the Green Eyes

“As I gazed into her eyes, I was dazzled by the depth of their emerald beauty…”

Not By the Hand of Man: The Women of The Lord of the Rings

Are you thinking “The Lord of the Rings” falls short when it comes to strong female characters? Think again!

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