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An Old Man Fishing

“Why do you sit and wait for the fish to be caught?”

To You Alone

“To You alone, Beloved One,
Do I open my mind; Your Wisdom, Love, and Light ever to guard and to guide…”

The Feast of the Seeker

“Hands carefully and tenderly holding a book, pages thick and full between fingers…”

The Oak’s Hymn

“I stand in strength and verdant wonder, for I am planted and sure and deep…”

Song of Fionn

“I am the protector of my tribe; I am the bright one with a strong hand…”

Tree Spirit

“Your deep, secret wisdom can only be heard by those willing to hear…”


“I discover my woundedness; I sit and go into it…”

Dreaming Culture

“From the beginning – the original Dreaming – we are all equals…”

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