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The Inside Is Bigger Than the Outside: A Christmas Thought from Narnia for Our World Too

Read this essay about how C.S. Lewis portrayed Christmas in The Chronicles of Narnia as the beginning of spring, and the ending of the ancient evil.

Specters of the Void: Part 1

“She returned to her watch of all things heavenly and earthly, as it is fitting for any moon who wishes to keep his or her reputation as a poetic and somewhat mysterious being…”

Celtic Advent

“As the Holly King gives way to Oak King…come welcome the Child of Joy, bask in His Light.”

Yule Light: Frodo’s First Winter in the West

After Frodo journeys to the Undying Lands with Bilbo and Gandalf, he struggles to overcome loneliness and celebrate Yule during his first winter away from home.

Winter Will Not Last Forever

“Fear not the lonely darkness of the soul’s winter nights, when no warmth of consolation comes . . .”

December Morning Message: A Sestina with an Extra Verse

“Before leukemia took her, my wife bought me this coat. For a year now, the grief’s surface has stayed three feet overhead . . .”

Spring Thoughts

“We gaze around in wonder and awe at the beauty of creation reborn…”

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