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The Willows Are Calling

“The willows are calling the ice-river mellows…”

First Winter Sitting

“Last night, as we slept,
the first flakes fell…”

Icy Gems

“I await the outpouring of each unique gem of space and time held in the cold…”


“A quiet, calm journey in a shining winter world…”

The Oak King

“Weep not, noble lord, for soon your restless exile will be done…”

Brighid Crosses

“As the little crocus thrusts her leaves through the snow, may I awaken from the deep slumber of introspection…”

Winter Fae

“Then the Faery Queen,- magnificent in sparkling gown, she turned and waved to me…”

Yule on the Quest: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“Joy bubbled up in Frodo as he traveled on. This was just like home! It was that real, even though many of the faces were different. The love he saw in those eyes and those smiles was the same.” (Rated: G)

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