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The Truthseeker Chronicles: Seed Prologue

“Attempt it, she told herself. No point putting it off. If Dag willed, then her gift would pierce the veil and she could fill in important parts of the tale…”

Divine Time

“It seemed I knew the name of she who once was there before her soul took flight into Heaven’s light:

Oh, White Lady: Faith as a Struggle

Read this intimate testimony by Bradley J. Birzer about his return to Catholicism through Marian Devotion.

Specters of the Void: Part 2

“There was a presence in the fog, the moon saw its breath–once in, once out…”

The Battle of Turs

Meet young Jeanne di Arch, a female warrior for King Yeshua, daring to follow his call and her dreams to save her country with the power-hungry Eglesh and his hoard of troll warriors arrayed against her!

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