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Flame of Truth

“Glorious flame of Truth, make of each heart a candle…”

God and Science: An Overview

“The universe had a beginning. Therefore, the universe has an end. Before the universe there was nothing. If there was nothing, the universe had to exist as an idea. An idea implies a mind…”

Landscapes of Truth

“The bones of my soul
ring a melody unconfined and joyfully free…”

Evil and Omnipotence: Is the Problem of Evil Fatal to Traditional Theism?

J.D. Wilson explores the tough issue of the Problem of Evil, and whether or not it is fatal to traditional theism.

The Stories That Matter: Teaching History with Catholic Principles

Read this article about teaching history with Catholic principles, based on truth, charity, and balance, recognizing the vital importance of good story-telling.

Dazzling with an Excess of Truth: Finding God in the Abstract

If God sometimes feels far away, perhaps it is because we simple cannot absorb the “excess of truth” which comes with his presence. This article by Effie Deans speaks about finding God through art, music, and the abstract.

Song of Truth

“The song of truth play gallantly I must And I’ll bring tears to Hades’ stony eyes…”

Throwing Away the Ladder: Seeking God Beyond Logic

        There’s an important little passage in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov which has in it the seed of an important argument. The great thing about this book, however, is that it… Continue reading

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