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Oak King

“My roots are messengers to earth and water; my branches are messengers to air and fire…”

Winter Tree

“I saw her standing bent upon the snow…”

The Willows Are Calling

“The willows are calling the ice-river mellows…”

The Oak’s Hymn

“I stand in strength and verdant wonder, for I am planted and sure and deep…”

Of the Trees

“’This tree is singing about everything it has seen. It was here before the town was built, and has watched generations of people live their lives…'” (Rated: G)

Walking the Green Path: An Herbalist Discovers Her Calling in Assisi

“Those were the days when we were supposed to ‘wander in the wilderness,’ walking out of the community with no thoughts of a destination, because God would lead us to wherever or whomever we were supposed to meet…”

Sacrifice of the Sun

“The moon calls to wind, ‘Blow hither the clouds to shield my beauty fair…’”

Tree Spirit

“Your deep, secret wisdom can only be heard by those willing to hear…”

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