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Evergreen: The Origins of the Modern Christmas Tree

“It is difficult to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. It is one of the most vivid and recognisable symbols of this festive time of year…”

Those Pretty Little Christmas Songs: A Caroler’s Overview

“As our Christmas caroling quartet strolls around the upscale shopping center in our Charles Dickens era attire…the shopping center employees seem genuinely thrilled to hear us singing ‘Deck the Halls’.”

St. John’s Bonfire

Enjoy this fun summer story about a the Catholic tradition of St. John’s Bonfire.


“‘Demons often make their presence known by scratching––on your walls, your ceilings, your closet, you name it. It’s a way of simultaneously playing with you, piquing your curiosity and frightening you; sort of their calling card or knock upon the door, if you like, saying, ‘Lemme in.’'” (Rated: PG)

Furious Fancies: The Musings of a Traditional Catholic Poet

Read these musings of traditional Catholic author, historian, and poet Charles A. Coulombe about the importance of art and poetry in changing the world for Christ.

The Mystery of the Mass

“But lo, what is this sacred mystery which hath such great esteem in Christian hearts…?”

Linguistically Correct: In Favour of Correct English, Contra Noah Webster

Read this intriguing argument by Thomas Lark in support of the original usage of the English language before it was altered by Noah Webster.

A-Hunting We Will Go: The Historic Heraldry and Spiritual Symbolism of the Hunt

Charles A. Coulombe, Catholic historian and author, explores the ceremonial traditions and spiritual symbolism behind hunting in Western Civilization.

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