Tag Archive: Tim Mather

Oak King

“My roots are messengers to earth and water; my branches are messengers to air and fire…”


“Creature of the moon and dim illumination of dream time, what do you inspire me to seek?”

Song of Fionn

“I am the protector of my tribe; I am the bright one with a strong hand…”

May Day

“I am the rebirth of trees; I am the aweakening from slumber…”

Celtic Lent

“As the Baptist made the road ready for our Savior’s Ascension, may we make our Souls ready through Lenten devotion….”

What If

“I would become a bard and sing of the beauty of the world…”

Brighid Crosses

“As the little crocus thrusts her leaves through the snow, may I awaken from the deep slumber of introspection…”

Bright Beings

“Bright ones you are always with me…I see you every time I see the love in a child’s eyes…”

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