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Angels Among Us: A Survey of the Heavenly Host

“I can only speculate that those of us who have experienced the protection of our Guardian Angels are not yet needed in the afterlife, and that we are to continue with whatever we are called to do…”

The Genesis Problem: A Catholic Literary Commentary

Read Bishop Robert Barron’s Catholic literary analysis of the Book of Genesis, and the different interpretations used to understand it.

Evil and Omnipotence: Is the Problem of Evil Fatal to Traditional Theism?

J.D. Wilson explores the tough issue of the Problem of Evil, and whether or not it is fatal to traditional theism.

The Sea Within: A Meeting of Matter and Spirit

Read the musings of eminent philosopher, Dr. Peter Kreeft, on the meeting of matter and spirit in our love of the sea.

G-d: The Not-thing

In this article, the nature of G-d is explained as that of a “not-thing” — that is, beyond the “thinginess”that so boggles the English language!

Every Word So Employed: George MacDonald and the Theological Imagination

Read this enlightening overview about George MacDonald, the great Scottish Christian author who inspired C.S. Lewis, and his understanding of the theological imagination.

Throwing Away the Ladder: Seeking God Beyond Logic

        There’s an important little passage in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov which has in it the seed of an important argument. The great thing about this book, however, is that it… Continue reading

Reflections of the Truth: An Analysis of Five Catholic Quotations from “The Lord of the Rings”

Explore five poignant quotations from “The Lord of the Rings” that epitomize aspects of Catholic theology.

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