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The Admiral

“The day I saw the Admiral for the first and final time, my mouth fell wide open, and my eyes blinked with surprise!”

Rosa and Arjuna: A Love Story

“Only water lay between them; only time would be the test whether love could long endure…”

A Meditation on the Ocean

“It is a common narrative to reflect upon the changing tide, the ever lapping waves and the fascination of seeing the edge of the land where the two elements meet.”

Home Reclaimed: A Selkie’s Return

“She knew that she was fated to slip within and learn the secrets waiting ‘neath the water…”


“United by breaking waves and surging blood, and the same paths paved in the same sod…”

Thomas Andrews: Master Shipbuilder and Hero

Read this fascinating biographical account of Thomas Andrews, the designer of RMS Titanic who tragically went down with his ship on her maiden voyage.

The Rising of the Moon Maiden

“She rises high overhead and light from her hand spills down like droplets of soft rain…”


“The only thing that will always last are the cold, silver stars…”

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