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Pilate and Claudia

“I thrust my hand towards him, and bellowed, ‘Behold, the Man!'”

An Ordinary Christmas: Reflections on the Gospel of Luke’s Nativity Narrative

“One of the things that strikes me most about Luke’s account of the birth of Christ, and events surrounding it, are the ordinary aspects of the story…”

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Part 5

In the aftermath of the Crucifixion, John the Beloved experiences the glory of the Resurrection.

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Part 1

John the Beloved retells his experience in the Garden of Gethsemane from a first person perspective in the first part of this heart-rending historical fiction account by Ellen Virginia.

King and Priest and Sacrifice: “Seed of Adam”

Read about Charles’ Williams’ beautiful, powerful, confusing, and multi-layered Nativity Play called “Seed of Adam”.

Rosary Mysteries

“Like the rosy dawn that announces the sun, you point to your Son, the Almighty One…”

The Rich Young Man

A retelling of the well-known New Testament account of the young man who had many possessions . . . who, in this story, is also the future St. Luke the physician!

A Desert with Roses: Ten Simple Resolutions to Enrich My Lent

Suffering a mid-Lent slump? Try simplifying your plans and incorporating a childlike spirit of trust and joy.

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