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The Vision of Roland

“Far, far across the hills echoed the song of the Olifant of the Palatines…”

The Black Knight and the Night of the Ancestors: Part 1

“’We are planning a feast for the Night of the Ancestors, My Lord…”

A Cat of a Different Coat: Spirituality, Storytelling, and the Music of Karliene

Read this overview of the spirituality and storytelling style found within the fandom-based music of Karliene.

Diwrnach Is Dead

“’Diwrnarch is dead,’ the King of Annwn’s voice is like a death knell. His cloak is darker than the shadows of the hall yet his eyes are bright as stars.” (Rated: PG-13)

Saint Patrick: A Scholarly Search for His Birth Place and Date

Read this scholarly search for the Saint Patrick’s birth place and date by Patricia Deegan.

Beyond the Mists

“We of the Fae have understanding of the tales to still unfold…”

The Coronation of Charlemagne

Immerse yourself in this dramatization of the coronation of Charlemagne, one of the most important events in the history of Christendom.

A Dream and a Journey: The Writing of “The Black Knight of Avalon Chronicles”

Sunbow Pendragon, author of “The Black Knight of Avalon Chronicles”, relates how she became inspired to write the story of one of the most enigmatic characters in the mythology of ancient Britain.

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