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Champion of Liberty and Son of Freedom: Thaddeus Kosciuszko in the American Revolution

Read this fascinating biography of Thaddeus Kosciuszco, a largely unsung hero of the American Revolution, who traveled from his Polish homeland to aid the cause of liberty in the New World.

“Gentleman Johnny”: The Life and Times of General John Burgoyne

The Right Honorable General John Burgoyne, General in the British Army and MP for Preston, is probably most famous for commanding the losing Army at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, during the… Continue reading

American Patriotism: Loving Our Land as the Image of Christ

An American Catholic ought to be patriotic in the sense that he ought to love his homeland and the persons of his homeland. But what does this actually mean?

For the Glory of the Marines: The Life and Legacy of Major John Pitcairn

Immerse yourself in the dramatic and engaging story of this inescapably paradoxical and unflinchingly heroic Royal Marine who fought and died during the American War for Independence.

Who Among You Are With Me?: The Story of the Black Robe Regiment

Discover the Black Robe Regiment, a group of devoted Christian pastors who fueled the fire of the American Revolution and whose dedication to Christian morality and resilient patriotism influenced our founding documents.

Daniel Boone: A Fan’s Review of the Classic Television Series

Read up on this beloved, long-running classic television show starring Fess Parker and Ed Ames.

Real, Solid, and Unbending: The Life and Legacy of Sir John Moore

Discover this courageous, totally unique historical figure who aided the defeat of Napoleonic domination.

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