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Quid Est Iustitia?: The Search for Justice in Ancient Greece

       Progress, it is something that almost every nation from nearly every age of history claims to be making. But all too often, when we say we are making progress, we are… Continue reading

American Patriotism: Loving Our Land as the Image of Christ

An American Catholic ought to be patriotic in the sense that he ought to love his homeland and the persons of his homeland. But what does this actually mean?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?: The Tragedy of Depersonalization

Ultimately, the culture of death is caused by a loss of the realization that man has dignity because he is made in God’s image.

Freedom: A Catholic Analysis of the Trials and Triumphs of William Wallace in “Braveheart”

Discover how the film “Braveheart” exemplifies the Catholic theological meaning of freedom.