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A Journey of Virtues: Reflections of Advent Ideas in The Lord of the Rings

“Surely, everyone has heard the story of the symbolism of the Advent candles: hope, love, joy, and peace …These virtues are also reflected in The Lord of the Rings…”

Hearth of My Heart

“I’m being called home to the place of belonging, where the turf fire burns and the cauldron boils…”

Song of Fionn

“I am the protector of my tribe; I am the bright one with a strong hand…”

Lord or Lady?: The Search for the Divine Gender

Read this exploration of the complex and controversial subject of whether God possesses a gender, drawing from various scriptural and cultural sources to formulate a Catholic hypothesis.

A-Hunting We Will Go: The Historic Heraldry and Spiritual Symbolism of the Hunt

Charles A. Coulombe, Catholic historian and author, explores the ceremonial traditions and spiritual symbolism behind hunting in Western Civilization.

Vale of Tears: A Song of the Elves

“A glitter, glimmer, moth of white. . .”

The Anointing of David: A Villanelle

“The scent of oil is rising from my hair; The prophet’s words hurl flames upon my mind . . .”

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