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The Start of Russia’s Long Lent: An Appreciation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “The Red Wheel”

“The great Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn offers a profound and powerful meditation on the rise of the Bolsheviks in ‘The Red Wheel’…”

A Thorn

“A thorn, I asked—one from His crown…”

Evil and Omnipotence: Is the Problem of Evil Fatal to Traditional Theism?

J.D. Wilson explores the tough issue of the Problem of Evil, and whether or not it is fatal to traditional theism.

Waiting Room

“Was Christ before me in this waiting room, gazing out through smoke-seared eyes and mumbling through drug-cracked lips?”

A Prayer to the Stranger: A Game of Thrones Fan-Fiction Story

“‘Perhaps a day will come when he will come among us in his fullness…But in this age…the shadows are all we have, and I have spoken to them, and asked…that you be brought back.'” (Rated: PG-13)

Stephen Fry’s “Mean-Minded” God: Christianity, Suffering, and the Story of Easter

In response to Stephen Fry’s remarks about a “capricious, mean-minded” God, LibDemBen outlines a Christian response in light of the story of Easter and a rather humorous online interaction with Peter Hitchens!

Song for Ireland

“I sing to you a song of emerald green, an Island home revered by people scattered…”

Advent Sacrifice

“You turned your back on brilliance, bade earth an agonized goodbye and empty-handed faced the dark, like everyone who comes this way…”

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