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“A quiet, calm journey in a shining winter world…”

Birth of a Prince

“The child now is on its way, but where shall poor young mother lay?”

I Wander the Stars: Part 4

       David held the doors open for me—like a gentleman, I noticed, pleased. Not many men had ever done that for me. It made me feel a bit special, even though I… Continue reading

I Wander the Stars: Part 3

Our out-of-this-world heroine Minnie starts to explore her new surroundings on board the space ship that rescued her after who own craft exploded.

I Wander the Stars: Part 2

The epic “star-studded” saga continues, as Minnie is rescued from the abyss by another space-ship, and meets David, an understanding young man to whom to reveals the tragedies of her past life.

I Wander the Stars: Part 1

Join Minnie, a teenaged member of a space ship crew who survives a galactic disaster, and comes away a different person…

Everyone Sings in Lord of the Rings

In the spirit of the singing inhabitants of Middle-earth, embark on a musical adventure of your own.

Spring Thoughts

“We gaze around in wonder and awe at the beauty of creation reborn…”

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