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Telescoping Hope: The Role of Stories

“A story is a telescope, bringing the distance within arm’s reach…”

Night Desert Sky

“Sitting under a night desert sky, stars twinkling, wind whispering quiet sighs…”

Romance Lives: A Movie Review of “The Phantom”

“The Phantom stands against both the ‘old guard’ of evil and its self-proclaimed ‘new guard’…”

Cycles of Magic: A Fantasy and Science Fiction Media Montage

“I read LOTR first, and what leapt out to me was how vibrant and real this world was that Tolkien had created. He spun tales of elves, men, women, and hobbits, weaving it all into a backdrop that felt ancient with whispers of an age long gone…”

Storytelling: A Ritual of Change

“For me, I suppose, storytelling is quite similar to ritual. I expect, in a great story, for there to be something that stirs in me a sense of change- no matter how small or seemingly insignificant…”

A Thread in the Tangle: A Fantasy Author Crafts Legends

Fantasy author Sabrina Flynn speaks about her series,”Legends of Fyrsta” series, and how both mythology and painful personal experience led her to deal with dark themes in a way that still shows a persistent gleam of hope.

The True Myth: Easter as the Greatest Story Ever Told

A look at Easter as the Greatest Story Ever Told, and the one “True Myth”, combining historical believability with the power of Eucatastrophe.

From Slavery to Freedom: The Story of St. Patrick for Kids

Join the adventure with this overview of the life of St. Patrick for Kids by Sonya Britton!

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