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All in the Family: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Story

“Leaning into him very gently, she waited for his good hand to brace her back, and it eventually did. Severus Snape hugged very rarely, but when he did, he meant it…”

The Rising of the Moon Maiden

“She rises high overhead and light from her hand spills down like droplets of soft rain…”


“The only thing that will always last are the cold, silver stars…”

Sacrifice of the Sun

“The moon calls to wind, ‘Blow hither the clouds to shield my beauty fair…’”

The Soul of the Stars: Chapter 3 – Ladder to the Sky

“’I think my grandfather was very much like you, Mr. Spock. He thought logic was like a ladder to the sky. He climbed up, but ultimately he had to jump off, for it would take him no further…’”

The Soul of The Stars: Chapter 1 – The Small One

“Spock noticed something in her eyes. It was not just a little girl’s fear, but the kind of dread generated by a recent trauma, the kind that reads everything as an invitation to death…”

The Duty of Stars

Enjoy this magical story about a lonely school teacher who finds love and light with her very own wishing star.

Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar

A short story bringing to life the first pilgrimage of the Christian Faith: the journey of the Wise Men to find the Christ Child.

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