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“When Hope blossoms in joyful grace, cold wind is calmed by sudden spring…”


Brady the Worm: A Lenten Fable

“Once upon a time there was a worm named Brady…”

Eve of May

“Ne’er have I felt my heart race the way it does for hawthorn blooms, a tender breeze beneath warm sun….”

The Wonder of Splendor

“The Wonder of Splendor excites the earth with colors that clamor, ‘We are, we are!’”

Christos Voskrese!

“Breakfast will be merry, an echo-feat of last night’s eggs…and Mother will pack Babushka’s basket because only a mother can do that right…”

Song of a White Hare

“Do you never wonder why it is I always come, bearing strange gifts?”

The Oak King

“Weep not, noble lord, for soon your restless exile will be done…”

Brighid Crosses

“As the little crocus thrusts her leaves through the snow, may I awaken from the deep slumber of introspection…”