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A Movie Fan’s Dream

Enjoy this whimsical short story recounting an avid movie fan’s dream featuring colorful characters from Reepicheep of Narnia to Dorothy of Oz!

The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistador: Part 3

In this final installment of the Jane-Austen Saga, our hero finds himself hailed as “The Yellow Conquistador”, but is subsequently betrayed to the French by a gypsy with whom he shares a long-lost connection!

The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistidor: Part 1

Meet Austin Slaymaker, an eligible young gentleman in Regency England who finds that telling tall tales to a bevy of adoring females can have consequences…namely, getting one drafted into the army to fight “Bold Bonaparte” in sunny Spain!

Bart the Bard

“’Deep in the mountains in a hidden cave is a sword. This sword gives unbelievable power, power not even I can begin to understand. It is being sought by my enemy, Marvin the Maligned. He mustn’t get it, Bart.’” (Rated: G)

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