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Darkness in the Stars: A Single Cog in the Empire

Read this fan-fiction character study set in the Star Wars universe about an average person in the galaxy forced into the service of the empire.

The Soul of the Stars: Chapter 2 – Avalanche

“She stood up and gazed at the ruptured earth behind her, but then turned her eyes back to him. She was making another decision, and there was no turning back from it…”

The Soul of The Stars: Chapter 1 – The Small One

“Spock noticed something in her eyes. It was not just a little girl’s fear, but the kind of dread generated by a recent trauma, the kind that reads everything as an invitation to death…”

I Wander the Stars: Part 4

       David held the doors open for me—like a gentleman, I noticed, pleased. Not many men had ever done that for me. It made me feel a bit special, even though I… Continue reading

I Wander the Stars: Part 3

Our out-of-this-world heroine Minnie starts to explore her new surroundings on board the space ship that rescued her after who own craft exploded.

I Wander the Stars: Part 2

The epic “star-studded” saga continues, as Minnie is rescued from the abyss by another space-ship, and meets David, an understanding young man to whom to reveals the tragedies of her past life.

I Wander the Stars: Part 1

Join Minnie, a teenaged member of a space ship crew who survives a galactic disaster, and comes away a different person…

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