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For the Poor Souls Today: Praying with the Communion of Saints for the Holy Souls

“So let us send up our prayers with the saints, for the poor souls today!”

The Universe Around Me: A Star Trek Fan-Fiction Story

“Sarek who had touched his mother’s mind, who had loved her with a bone deep, soul deep passion despite Vulcan logic and Vulcan control…Her mind would linger in his.”

Country of the Soul

“A Place with Gates wide open to the Narrow Way of Love…”

Our Lady of the World

“Unfailing Mother comes for all and won’t destroy her gift of love…”

Cloud Children

Enjoy this story about the race of Cloud Children and their observation of and interaction with humanity below.

The Sea Within: A Meeting of Matter and Spirit

Read the musings of eminent philosopher, Dr. Peter Kreeft, on the meeting of matter and spirit in our love of the sea.

Aliens: Science Fiction or Reality?

Enjoy this cutting-edge article about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets, and how we as Christians would handle such a discovery.

Love Matters

“Love matters…when there is only natural you and me, playing in a sea of acceptance and reverence…”

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