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A Bard’s Prayer

“Let me weave with thread silver, star-lit, spider-spun, so my words may flow like a moon-kissed stream…”

Song of Truth

“The song of truth play gallantly I must And I’ll bring tears to Hades’ stony eyes…”

Creation Song

“Out of the dark and void of space, light sprang to greet His hand . . .”

At the Sign of the Blue Boar

“Let us stroll to the Blue Boar Inn, quaff a mug of October ale, nigh unto Sherwood and the fen, and, laughing, tell a jolly tale . . .”

Canticle to the Creator

A prayer that we will unfailingly perceive God in all His creation and see how He permeates our entire lives, and that, in response, we would be filled with His Spirit of worship.

A Band for All Seasons: Switchfoot Review

Meet the five-man band from San Diego who tries to change the world one song at a time.

God Rest Ye Merry: Traditional Christmas Carols from Merry Old England

Get into the Christmas spirit by reading up on these memorable old English carols and their fascinating backstories!

Summer Evening

“The evening is soft and the purple dusk deep; the village a-slumber, my baby asleep…”

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