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Imperiling Empowerment: An Analysis of “Let It Go” in Disney’s “Frozen”

“‘Let It Go’ informs the audience of the evil and the despair that Elsa has the potential to fall into, while keeping her a completely sympathetic character…”

Those Pretty Little Christmas Songs: A Caroler’s Overview

“As our Christmas caroling quartet strolls around the upscale shopping center in our Charles Dickens era attire…the shopping center employees seem genuinely thrilled to hear us singing ‘Deck the Halls’.”

Song of the Rising Mist

“Life sings its songs in a rising mist, in the lover’s sigh after being kissed…”

Specters of the Void: Part 3

“Deep in the depths of an impenetrable fortress, whose walls were mist and whose roof was the sky…”

Song for Ireland

“I sing to you a song of emerald green, an Island home revered by people scattered…”

What Is Love?

“It is a woven song of starlight and dewdrops; it is made of butterflies caught in a prism of light…”

Come, My Love: An Analysis of Thomas Merton’s Mystical Poem “Pass Through My Will”

Read this analysis of the poem “Pass Through My Will” by Thomas Merton, Catholic monk and spiritual mystic.

But Wait There’s More

“Just when I thought it was finally over, look what showed up around the corner: another hill to climb, another mile to go…”

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