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The Death of General Wolfe: A Social Commentary on Art and Identity

“He responded that he was a French and Indian War reenactor, a devotee of British General James Wolfe…In fact, he said had just participated in a living tableau of Benjamin West’s iconic painting of Wolfe’s death.”

A Little Dancer: Edgar Degas and His Controversial Work of Art

“Her bony arms and legs are shaped by hard work and practice; her shoulders are straight and her stance is dignified. There is a look of what some would describe as haughtiness or defensiveness on her upturned face, and her eyes are closed…”

Less Than Human

“They will be shunned and shackled every step of the way…”

Pilgrim Eagle: A Review of Charles A. Coulombe’s History Text “Puritan’s Empire”

Read this review of Catholic traditionalist history text “Pilgrim’s Empire” written by Charles A. Coulombe.

Modern Universities: What’s Wrong with the World of Education

John Paul Meenan, editor of “Catholic Insight” and assistant professor of theology and natural sciences at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, outlines what he sees as the fatal flaws of the modern system of higher education.

Egalitarian Gal: Feminism, Equality, and How We Treat Each Other

Rachel Lianna explores the important topics of feminism, egalitarianism, and how treating all people as Children of God is vital in achieving true equality in society.

Dowry in the Shadows: The Suppression of Catholicism and Spiritual Vacuum in British Society

Read the story of Catholicism in Britain told in a historical chronology from the time of the split with Rome, and learn about the “spiritual vacuum” that opened up as a result.

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