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Shattered Mirror

“The Queen of Ice sat proud upon her throne, her one-time child-pawn toyed at her feet…”


Snow Globes

“Turn their world upside-down, shake it up, and place the globe back down so the snow may begin anew, the glitter falling slowly through the watery sky…”

Winter Tree

“I saw her standing bent upon the snow…”

Winter Moonlight

“His eyes aglow, now he too marvels at the winter moonlight…”

Icy Gems

“I await the outpouring of each unique gem of space and time held in the cold…”


“A quiet, calm journey in a shining winter world…”

Soft Silence

“Snow falls slowly, glistening on the hillside in the moonlight…”

Winter Will Not Last Forever

“Fear not the lonely darkness of the soul’s winter nights, when no warmth of consolation comes . . .”