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“When Hope blossoms in joyful grace, cold wind is calmed by sudden spring…”

Oak King

“My roots are messengers to earth and water; my branches are messengers to air and fire…”

Winter Solstice: The Year’s Compline

“The winter solstice is the year withdrawing…”

Snow Globes

“Turn their world upside-down, shake it up, and place the globe back down so the snow may begin anew, the glitter falling slowly through the watery sky…”

Winter Tree

“I saw her standing bent upon the snow…”

Winter Moonlight

“His eyes aglow, now he too marvels at the winter moonlight…”

The Willows Are Calling

“The willows are calling the ice-river mellows…”

First Winter Sitting

“Last night, as we slept,
the first flakes fell…”

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