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The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistador: Part 2

Austen Slaymaker, our intrepid hero, has landed in war-torn Spain, in the company of Jane DeLacey, his female protector, and Leonard Fisher, his arch-nemesis who devises a plan to do-away with his rival in the Bull Ring at Corunna…

The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistidor: Part 1

Meet Austin Slaymaker, an eligible young gentleman in Regency England who finds that telling tall tales to a bevy of adoring females can have consequences…namely, getting one drafted into the army to fight “Bold Bonaparte” in sunny Spain!

I Am: The Divine Mystery of the Triduum

“I Am . . . The Thought before the Speaking, The Word before the Writing . . .”

For the Glory of the Marines: The Life and Legacy of Major John Pitcairn

Immerse yourself in the dramatic and engaging story of this inescapably paradoxical and unflinchingly heroic Royal Marine who fought and died during the American War for Independence.

The Song of a Grasshopper: The Spiritual Wisdoms of the Classic Television Series “Kung Fu”

Discover the 70’s series known as “Kung Fu” that struck an intricate balance of elements and produced a wonderfully different type of hero in Kwai Chang Caine . . .

An Island’s Daughter

“Who will remember an island’s son better than an island’s daughter?”

Please Write Back

“Forgive me; I’m a sentimental fool, But I love the way you wrote And the way you spoke, So simple and sincere . . .”

Dewi Sant: A Poem for St. David’s Day

“St. David used his power to found both church and abbey as sacred sanctuaries for the people of the land . . .”

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