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Visions in the Streets: A Movie Review of “Don Bosco”

Don Bosco, a saintly Catholic priest and mystical visionary, dedicates his life to helping the underprivileged youth of Turin, Italy, in spite of opposition he faces from all sides.

Your Voice

“I walked a path to Calvary Hill, You hung from the cross, bound by love and will…”

The Battle of Turs

Meet young Jeanne di Arch, a female warrior for King Yeshua, daring to follow his call and her dreams to save her country with the power-hungry Eglesh and his hoard of troll warriors arrayed against her!

Knowledge and Conversion: A Philosophical  Comparison 

Philosophy student Sarah Agnes explores how knowledge and conversion are both processes that require not only intellectual capacities but also receptivity of the transcendent and an embrace of the truth.

Corpus Christi: Sacrement of Sacrifice

Fr. James Lease explores the meaning of worship as a sacrifice, and how Corpus Christi embodies this through true presence of Christ, the Paschal Lamb, in the Eucharist.

The Advocate

“Sequestered in the upper room, eleven staunchly wait and pray…”

Christ Our Light

“The time has come; we turn to see The flame that burns so steadily, The Easter candle, soaring high: A light that will not ever die.”

Sword and Sandal: A Bible Movie Montage

Explore these epic Biblical-era films and be inspired in your Lenten spiritual journey!

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