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Sven Stolpe: The Swedish Waugh

“A writer, journalist, hagiographer, playwright, cultural critic, and Catholic convert became well known in Sweden during large parts of the 20th century. The man was Sven Stolpe…”

Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus: The Importance of Focusing on God during an Election Year

“Politics can be a good and rewarding hobby or occupation, but only if you do one thing: keep your focus on God.”

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Part 4

As the events of the Passion unfold, St. John recounts his experience beneath the cross.

Stephen Fry’s “Mean-Minded” God: Christianity, Suffering, and the Story of Easter

In response to Stephen Fry’s remarks about a “capricious, mean-minded” God, LibDemBen outlines a Christian response in light of the story of Easter and a rather humorous online interaction with Peter Hitchens!

In Memoriam: My Dad “Spock”

For the anniversary of the death of Leonard Nimoy: Sharon Tootill shares a moving memorial to her late father, who shared more than a few similariites with the iconic Star Trek character, Mr. Spock.

Verbum Domini — The Catholic Roots of Sacred Scripture: Part 3

     We have seen in previous articles that at the time of Jesus the Jews had no unified Magisterium to teach them the Truth to be believed. They had various schools of Rabbis,… Continue reading

Noah’s Ark and the Epic of Gilgamesh: A Comparison

Although fundamental differences are present in the two, Noah’s Ark and the Epic of Gilgamesh also feature distinct parallels.

Christianity Is As Relevant As Ever: A British Political Candidate Speaks About His Faith

When it comes to concern for the poor, compassion, and social justice, this political candidate believes-motivated by his personal conversion story-that Christianity is more than relevant to addressing and tackling these questions.

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