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Pilate and Claudia

“I thrust my hand towards him, and bellowed, ‘Behold, the Man!'”

Shake on It: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Story

“’I would like to owl you, if you don’t mind. I’ve been reading some Potions books, as well…’”

Love and Love Again

“Do you really Love? Are you Love? Are you more than ideas and concepts?
Is Love your true reality?”

Lady Catewyn?: A Game of Thrones Fan-Fiction Story

“’Your father loves you, and I love your father. This means that I must choose. I can choose to hurt your father by hurting you, or I can choose to be kind to you, to help your father.'” (Rated: PG)

My Mother’s Soul

“‘Books are meant to be read,’ she said. ‘That is how they stay alive…'”

The Price of Friendship

“What price can be put on a friendship? None! Not the measured sum of life itself…”

Please Write Back

“Forgive me; I’m a sentimental fool, But I love the way you wrote And the way you spoke, So simple and sincere . . .”

The Case for Jo Laurence: An Analysis of the Relationships in “Little Women”

10 reasons why Jo March and ‘Laurie’ Laurence should have ended up together in “Little Women.”

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