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Lonely Places

“You let the solitude steal your human life from you, turn you into magic and dust and little puffs of breath–no longer human, barely living and yet more alive than the entire world…”


That Awful, Thrilling Terror

“Why there was a tower there, no one knew, but it had stood there since the town was built, and it shall stand there for a century more…”


“It was a splintery thing, broken into misshaped pieces with sharp edges…”

The Duty of Stars

Enjoy this magical story about a lonely school teacher who finds love and light with her very own wishing star.

Egalitarian Gal: Feminism, Equality, and How We Treat Each Other

Rachel Lianna explores the important topics of feminism, egalitarianism, and how treating all people as Children of God is vital in achieving true equality in society.

Melting Clock

“Tick-Tock…Tick-Tock…the clock is melting off the shelf…”

Dreams of Fairfield Creek

I may never go back. If I can, I’ll find my way up into my maple-tree palace again, where I was an elf queen. Or I’ll tromp through the creek and the tunnel and into the ruined field where Neverland used to be.

Northernmost: The Tale of Santa’s Greatest Helper

Join Tyanna, a half-elf, half-human as she struggles to find her place among Santa’s other helpers in the North Pole and learns that being different is ultimately her greatest strength.