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Go to St. Joseph, the Chosen Father: Model of Patience and Perseverance

“Although he was of the royal lineage of King David, he wore no crown and was not a senator, scholar, or world traveler, but a man of few spoken or written words…”


“It was a splintery thing, broken into misshaped pieces with sharp edges…”

Those Souls for Whom the Bell Tolls: A Memorial Day Reflection

“It symbolizes the fulfillment a solemn promise to always remember what they had done in their selfless devotion to the call of duty…”

Divine Time

“It seemed I knew the name of she who once was there before her soul took flight into Heaven’s light:

My Mother’s Soul

“‘Books are meant to be read,’ she said. ‘That is how they stay alive…'”


“She’s like the hammered dulcimer she plays, I thought; she’s music, though it’s for the eyes…”

Through Those Eyes: The Light of Divine Mercy

 Authors Note: This image of the crowned head of Our Lord hangs in the entrance of the Stone Church of the Madonna on the Hill in Fort Lee, NJ built in 1854 where… Continue reading

Riding with the Hunt

“A lone whisper of a breeze blows past my ear: ‘You are one of us… Come and ride amongst our ranks…'”

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