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Unheard Voices

“They deserve more than just being a choice, for they are loved, we are their voice…”

Room: A Defining Landmark in Faith and Storytelling

Read this film review of “Room”, a movie that takes on dark themes in a way that still affirms the worth of all life and power of the human spirit.

Two View Points

“Hi there, Mommy, it’s little me…I’m your baby, can’t you see?”

Womb of the Universe

“Hush, my child, on the journey far from home, a star shall lead; Soul of Starlight burns within me,
Yet the mighty pay no heed…”

Light and High Beauty: The Virtue of Hope in The Lord of the Rings

Ellen Virginia explores the virtue of hope as made manifest in “The Lord of the Rings”, and how it can apply to the challenges we face in our own daily lives.

Egalitarian Gal: Feminism, Equality, and How We Treat Each Other

Rachel Lianna explores the important topics of feminism, egalitarianism, and how treating all people as Children of God is vital in achieving true equality in society.

As Lady Liberty

Join Marilyn as she finds herself drafted to dress up as Lady Liberty for the Pro-Life float at her home town’s County Fair Parade!

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?: The Tragedy of Depersonalization

Ultimately, the culture of death is caused by a loss of the realization that man has dignity because he is made in God’s image.

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