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President Trump: My Fears, My Hopes, and a Call to Live the Gospel

“At 3:30 in the morning after the 2016 presidential election, I woke up and saw the soft glow that told me my wife was awake and on her phone…”

If We Can Keep It: Maintaining Constitutional Relevancy in Modern America

“The Constitution is still relevant because of its purpose: to establish a solid foundation that protects the rights and upholds the truths listed in the Declaration of Independence.”

Where Your Treasure Lies: A Spiritual Reflection on an Election Year

“Store up your treasures in Heaven, for where your treasure lies, there also lies your heart, and no vote can ever take that away.”

He Is Who He Is: A Review of Bernie Sanders’ Visit to Gettysburg College

“I had the intriguing experience of attending a town hall meeting hosted by Gettysburg College. The guest of honor was none other than the ever-eye-brow-raising Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont…”

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