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Happiness and Resolution: Lent as a Reset Button

“How can Lent become a spiritual reset button? Well, instead of merely abstaining from chocolate and meat and saying a few extra prayers, I decided to use Lent as a time to reevaluate my spiritual life.”

Saint Robert Southwell

“O pray for us, poor brave seeker of souls…”

Queen of Heaven

“Queen of heaven, show us the path we must follow…”

Beloved, You are My Everything

“O my Beloved…my Beloved…You are my Everything…”

For the Poor Souls Today: Praying with the Communion of Saints for the Holy Souls

“So let us send up our prayers with the saints, for the poor souls today!”

To You Alone

“To You alone, Beloved One,
Do I open my mind; Your Wisdom, Love, and Light ever to guard and to guide…”

Divine Time

“It seemed I knew the name of she who once was there before her soul took flight into Heaven’s light:

A Prayer to the Stranger: A Game of Thrones Fan-Fiction Story

“‘Perhaps a day will come when he will come among us in his fullness…But in this age…the shadows are all we have, and I have spoken to them, and asked…that you be brought back.'” (Rated: PG-13)

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