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The Window of St. Mary’s

“Immediately his attention was caught by an enormous and beautifully worked stained glass window portraying the Blessed Virgin holding the Christ Child…”

Those Eyes

“Those eyes looked back at me, and I was lost…”

An Answered Longing

“‘Hail thou Full of Grace!’ With terror in his hand and hope upon his brow, the Messenger did stand…”

Hope at Damietta

Read this historical fiction story from the perspective of a Christian crusader taken prisoner by the Saracens after the defeat at Fariskur.

The Sneak Thief of Meyer’s Greenhouse

Karen finds herself in the middle of a mystery at her new job at Meyer’s Greenhouse when personal belongings of the boss and his workers go missing…

As Lady Liberty

Join Marilyn as she finds herself drafted to dress up as Lady Liberty for the Pro-Life float at her home town’s County Fair Parade!

Enchanted Melodies: A Fantasy Music Review

Read this list of Phoenix’s favorite fantasy themed music, including works of Enya, Secret Garden, Eva Cassidy, and Loreena McKennitt.

Cap O’ Rushes: An Old English Fairy Tale in Verse

“Long she wandered through the land, til coming to a fen she wove a cape and hood of rushes…”

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