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A One of a Kind Lady: A Tribute to My Grandmother Lucy

“I remember vividly the times I spent with her on family trips to New Jersey over the years, and I fondly reminisce on all the adventures we had together…”

Memoir of a Soldier Boy: Christmas Reflections in the Aftermath of the First World War

“Suddenly even Christmas paled by comparison…From that day on, I wanted only to be a soldier.”

Solo Flight: Finding Inspiration in the Airport

“It can be hard to see outside of ourselves, especially in world that is constantly telling us to do the opposite, but maybe sometimes all we need is a reminder…”

Cutting My Hair

“My head and heart feel light and new, relieved of a burden unnoticed until its absence…”

On Heroism: A Letter to My Children

“How you wish your hands were great like those of God, that you could seize the smokestacks of the terrorized Titanic and take her out…”

A Meditation on the Ocean

“It is a common narrative to reflect upon the changing tide, the ever lapping waves and the fascination of seeing the edge of the land where the two elements meet.”

Those Souls for Whom the Bell Tolls: A Memorial Day Reflection

“It symbolizes the fulfillment a solemn promise to always remember what they had done in their selfless devotion to the call of duty…”

A Thread in the Tangle: A Fantasy Author Crafts Legends

Fantasy author Sabrina Flynn speaks about her series,”Legends of Fyrsta” series, and how both mythology and painful personal experience led her to deal with dark themes in a way that still shows a persistent gleam of hope.

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