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Memoir of a Soldier Boy: Christmas Reflections in the Aftermath of the First World War

“Suddenly even Christmas paled by comparison…From that day on, I wanted only to be a soldier.”

Solo Flight: Finding Inspiration in the Airport

“It can be hard to see outside of ourselves, especially in world that is constantly telling us to do the opposite, but maybe sometimes all we need is a reminder…”

He Is Who He Is: A Review of Bernie Sanders’ Visit to Gettysburg College

“I had the intriguing experience of attending a town hall meeting hosted by Gettysburg College. The guest of honor was none other than the ever-eye-brow-raising Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont…”

Divine Time

“It seemed I knew the name of she who once was there before her soul took flight into Heaven’s light:

A Thread in the Tangle: A Fantasy Author Crafts Legends

Fantasy author Sabrina Flynn speaks about her series,”Legends of Fyrsta” series, and how both mythology and painful personal experience led her to deal with dark themes in a way that still shows a persistent gleam of hope.

Philosophy, Evidence, and Faith: The Conversion of a Science Fiction Author

John C. Wright, science fiction novelist and author of “The Chronicles of Chaos”, tells the story of how philosophy, evidence, and faith led him to embrace Catholicism.

An Encounter with Gene Roddenberry: The Traveling Troubadour Meets the Great Bird of the Galaxy

Unveiling his memoirs, The Traveling Troubadour, the Entertainers’ Entertainer, writes about his personal encounter with Gene Roddenberry, Creator of the Star Trek Universe.

Keep Reading: A Bibliophile’s Guide to Becoming a Librarian

Have you ever wondered how librarians get to be librarians to begin with? If so, you will enjoy this first-hand-account of how Hikari Katana, the Fellowship’s in-house librarian, first found her way among the book-shelves!

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