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Divine Time

“It seemed I knew the name of she who once was there before her soul took flight into Heaven’s light:

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Seemingly Secular, Actually Catholic!

In this fascinating article, learn about the hidden Catholic meanings found in “The 12 Days of Christmas”, an old English carol from a time when Catholicism was under persecution.

Dowry in the Shadows: The Suppression of Catholicism and Spiritual Vacuum in British Society

Read the story of Catholicism in Britain told in a historical chronology from the time of the split with Rome, and learn about the “spiritual vacuum” that opened up as a result.

A Man for All Seasons: An Anthem

“Foolish men seek out a name, Yet the wisest hold their own, Set aside without shame, Standing strong, standing strong, Alone . . .”

Recusants of Middle-Earth

“Evenstar of an elfin maid; relics torn from Catholic breasts…”

Our Lady of Britannia

“This land was once they dowry; pray make it so again…Our Lady of Britannia, ora pro nobis!”

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