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Waiting Room

“Was Christ before me in this waiting room, gazing out through smoke-seared eyes and mumbling through drug-cracked lips?”

The Mystery of the Mass

“But lo, what is this sacred mystery which hath such great esteem in Christian hearts…?”

The Divine Doctor: Suffering and Healing in the Christian Life

Fr. Brian Doerr explores the Gospel stories featuring Jesus as Divine Doctor, and the relationship between suffering and healing in the Christian life.

The Price of Friendship

“What price can be put on a friendship? None! Not the measured sum of life itself…”

Please Write Back

“Forgive me; I’m a sentimental fool, But I love the way you wrote And the way you spoke, So simple and sincere . . .”

The Proof of Love

“You’re driving yourself too hard, taut like a violin string about to snap…Know that I would bring you no pain…”

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