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A Common Celtic Thread: A Book Review of “Brighid’s Mantle”

Read this book review of “Brighid’s Mantle”, a book about friendship and interreligious dialogue between a Pagan and a Christian drawn to Celtic spirituality.

Walking the Green Path: An Herbalist Discovers Her Calling in Assisi

“Those were the days when we were supposed to ‘wander in the wilderness,’ walking out of the community with no thoughts of a destination, because God would lead us to wherever or whomever we were supposed to meet…”

Lord or Lady?: The Search for the Divine Gender

Read this exploration of the complex and controversial subject of whether God possesses a gender, drawing from various scriptural and cultural sources to formulate a Catholic hypothesis.

From Slavery to Freedom: The Story of St. Patrick for Kids

Join the adventure with this overview of the life of St. Patrick for Kids by Sonya Britton!

St. Patrick’s Day: A Holiday That Knows No Borders

For St. Patrick’s Day, read this fascinating overview by Earl Chatham about the different ways in which this holiday has been celebrated in the British Isles and North America.

Enchanted Entryways: Elf Houses and Fairy Doors

Enjoy this overview by Carolyn Emerick about the origin of fairies in mythology and folklore, as well as the various “enchanted entrance ways” set aside from magical creatures.

Catholic or Pagan Imagination: A Response to Colleen Gillard

“The old stories were seen in a new light, in the light of Christ, God become man and the cosmos attendant to that…”

A Hallowed Eve: The Spiritual and Cultural Traditions of Halloween

Learn about the many spiritual and cultural traditions of Halloween from both Pagan and Christian sources.

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