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Dreaming Culture

“From the beginning – the original Dreaming – we are all equals…”


Connecting with a Tree

“The tree is warm in this cold place…it welcomes you as only a good home can.”

We Should Talk More About the Country

“We should talk more of the country we are coming to, and less of the land we are living in like unhomed swallows on the waves of the sky…”

I Am: The Divine Mystery of the Triduum

“I Am . . . The Thought before the Speaking, The Word before the Writing . . .”


“I think I once burned within the sun and showered earth with rain…”


“Distant thunder echoes off the hills; My heart with trepidation fills . . .”

Chrysalis: A Free-Verse Poem for Lent

“I am a brittle ship in a hurricane, clinging to this twig that is my harbor . . .”

Creation Song

“Out of the dark and void of space, light sprang to greet His hand . . .”