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The Song of White Swan Flying

“From beyond the clouds, Grandfather sky calls out my name, ‘Take heart, my son, our time has passed, but it will come again…'”

Aboard the Ark: An Author’s Voyage through Fantasy Storytelling

Read this author’s spot by John Heldon about his fantasy trilogy about time-locked ghosts from a basketball team and an ancient Native American prophecy.

The True Myth: Easter as the Greatest Story Ever Told

A look at Easter as the Greatest Story Ever Told, and the one “True Myth”, combining historical believability with the power of Eucatastrophe.

Tree Spirit

“Your deep, secret wisdom can only be heard by those willing to hear…”


“I discover my woundedness; I sit and go into it…”

Dreaming Culture

“From the beginning – the original Dreaming – we are all equals…”

Connecting with a Tree

“The tree is warm in this cold place…it welcomes you as only a good home can.”