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Holy Communion

“One who descends daily,
and, who, humbly in
the hands of His priests,
invites our entry into holy
communion once again…”

Angels Among Us: A Survey of the Heavenly Host

“I can only speculate that those of us who have experienced the protection of our Guardian Angels are not yet needed in the afterlife, and that we are to continue with whatever we are called to do…”

Born in Your Heart: Mary’s ‘Yes’ and Why It’s Relevant Today

“Maybe this Christmas it is time to turn our eyes away from the Bethlehem of 2000 years ago and the manger there and realize that Christ wants and needs to be born in us today…Can we stand with Mary this Christmas and say ‘yes’?”

And Thy Word Broke Their Swords: The Empowering Depth and Dimension of Christmas

“It is freshness of light piercing dark for the first time, of song piercing the silence, and the sky being rent by angel trumpets and an infant’s wail…”

Artists of the Soul

“Dress your precious life in the colors of your soul…”

Beloved, You are My Everything

“O my Beloved…my Beloved…You are my Everything…”


“Creature of the moon and dim illumination of dream time, what do you inspire me to seek?”

Song of the Rising Mist

“Life sings its songs in a rising mist, in the lover’s sigh after being kissed…”

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