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Sword and Sandal: A Bible Movie Montage

Explore these epic Biblical-era films and be inspired in your Lenten spiritual journey!


An Ocean of Memories: An Overview of Titanic in Film

A summary and review of the most significant film adaptations of the Titanic story over the last 100 years.

The Case for Jo Laurence: An Analysis of the Relationships in “Little Women”

10 reasons why Jo March and ‘Laurie’ Laurence should have ended up together in “Little Women.”

Silence Louder Than Words: A Movie Review of “A Man for All Seasons”

When King Henry VIII declares himself Head of the Church in England, his devoutly Catholic chancellor Sir Thomas More refuses to acknowledge the title, which leads to his martyrdom.

Every Life is Wonderful: A Review of the Classic Christmas Season Film “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Relive the best moments from one of America’s most beloved films, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Bringing Sight to the Blind: A Movie Review of “Amazing Grace”

Discover the deeply moving story of William Wilberforce, a young politician who stood out in the 18th century British parliament and championed the abolition the British Slave Trade.

Top of All Tables: A Fan’s Review of the Television Series “Jane and the Dragon”

When a dragon’s claws whisk young Prince Cuthbert of Kippernium away from the castle, an unlikely hero arrives at the dragon’s den to rescue the kingdom’s heir: feisty, precocious, and unforgettably red-haired twelve-year-old Jane Turnkey.

Star-Crossed on the Moors: A Movie Review of “Lorna Doone”

When two star-crossed lovers meet on the wind-swept moors of 17th century England, their feuding families and an impending rebellion threaten to tear them apart.